Free City WhitePaper

Introduction The most powerful User Aggregation Platform supported by Free City for web 3. With the hype of Web 3 capturing the attention of crypto enthusiast, and NFTs, SocialFi, GameFi and DeFi providing an alternative source of income and investment, the space is experiencing an unprecedented surge in global awareness & adoption. Yet only a small fraction of the world has adopted to this new space.
This widespread interest in the capabilities of blockchain has necessitated deliberate promotion by corporate users, not just Web 3 projects, but also traditional players, to ensure that NFTs are visible.It appears that identifying and retaining devoted users is a difficult undertaking for both players.
Free City aspires to replicate its success from the Web 2.0 era by playing a unique role in resolving this issue. With our vibrant united community, Free City's User-generated Content Social Platform, business users can market their products more efficiently via audio room events / moments, ad-free but with Free City's support.
The Free City Vision FCC aspires to be the Web 3.0 user aggregation layer. Free City Web 3 will support multiple platforms with proof-of-interaction to achieve user integration by providing strong user-generated content features and a zero-friction user onboarding process.
FCC provides a unique value proposition for Web 3 protocols, communities, and companies by providing strong user-generated content features and a zero-friction user onboarding process. The proof-of-interaction mechanism is being introduced for the first time on FCC.
The proof-of-interaction mechanism enables users and protocols to use the $FCC token to achieve mutually beneficial goals. The FCC platform essentially functions as a marketplace for native Web 3 activities, with developers able to provide users/communities to the FCC platform in exchange for the FCC token as a reward.
The goal of $FCC is to eventually transform into a sufficiently decentralized DAO, which will provide the $FCC community with the most optimized point of mutual benefit.
$FCC will power a unique and useful suite of “cross-metaverse” products beginning with First NFT Collection for $FCC holders & a Scalable Multi-Chain NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain.
Initially a place for Free City Citizens to trade, collect and showcase their NFTs, eventually, Free City Citizens along with the gaming developers will be able to contribute, curate, and ultimately guide the future of Free City and where the $FCC token may be used.
As the project expands, users who are involved and engaged with the Free City community may be rewarded in the forms of $FCC and more, NFTs designed to boost play2earn returns, and in-game NFT-backed assets from potential future partners.
This worldwide interest in the power of blockchain has created a borderless frontier built around collaboration and community involvement. Free City will play a unique role too. With our vibrant united community, Free City is now heading towards building even greater Community, DAO Governed ecosystem, a Multi Chain NFT marketplace and an eventual future Game + web3.
Tokenomics The goal of FCC is to ultimately transform into a DAO that is sufficiently decentralized. By utilizing a decentralized model, the DAO will have the most optimized mutual benefits where each community member has their best interest in mind. The more tokens a member holds, the more they would desire to profit from the FCC platform and so will vote according to what they think is best for the platform. Therefore, this will increase the token’s value, creating a use case where all parties are incentivized appropriately.
The FCC token itself will have direct value accrual with the FCC ecosystem. All in all, the token value will grow in direct proportion to:
1. Revenue from play-to-earn
2. Trading
■ cross game token swap
■ in-game and platform NFT assets
■ user generated content ecosystem
3. Staking
4. Liquidity mining
Products & Use case
Free City ’s NFT marketplace is designed to be a hub for an eventual ‘one-stop-shop’ and comprehensive, cross-chain solution & decentralized ecosystem that will scale across multiple metaverse, play to earn, and web 3.0 environments. Users will be allocated an FCC ID and be rewarded for its interaction within Free City (Proof of Interaction)
In addition to third-party partners and external integrations, Free City may develop and deploy $FCC GameFi / play to earn NFTs and game environments as well as an eventual goal of a decentralized Free City web3 environment.
With a business development around the above-mentioned use-cases and product releases, a dedicated team will lead the marketing and adoption of the marketplace.
Future developments at Free City may include development of a wide range GameFi NFTs, with $FCC being the earned currency. An eventual web3 for Free City is also in the future goals.

FCC Ecosystem

User Flows

  1. 1.
    Users will be allocated a FC ID when entering the platform, creating and decorating their own NFT showroom.
  2. 2.
    Users will be rewarded $FCC for its interaction within Free City (social room/interactive games/daily mission/ranking).
  3. 3.
    Users will be able to use $FCC for DeFi staking and liquidity mining.
  4. 4.
    Users will be encouraged to hold $FCC for long-term profit and ultimately become a member of Guilds / DAO.

Roadmap and Go-to-Market

With a total supply of 10,000,000,000, the tokens will be distributed as follows.
Airdropped NFT Sale
Early Backer Sale
Growth Backer Sale
Public Sale
Community Reserve
Development & Marketing
Ecosystem Treasury & Liquidity
Founding Team
Advisors & Event Partners
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